Upside down tree is a thing. And it’s a pretty big deal.

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There are many things that are weird to normal people but normal to programmers because of the depth of their vast knowledge in technical areas.

Here are some silly things which you might do not know if you are not a programmer.

1. Upside down tree

If you are not a programmer, you would…

You will most probably suck in programing if you have these signs.

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First of all, if you are confused about whether you should learn to program, then programming is not for you. As you will pass years searching for questions about either you should learn or not. But then some people are already into programming but aren’t sure if they can make…

We all did this, I guess, but that's how we all started to grow.

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1. Using personal names as variable and 'my' as prefix

I remember about my friends and me what we did when we just started our coding life. We would use our name, our pet name, names of everything around us as variable names. Like, int denial, tom, Stephan;

Some are more creative; they use,

“myString”, “myClass”, “myArray”

Now I understand…

Part 1: Please don’t take this seriously, but this article might hurt your feelings

eating food in office
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Although there are many types of programmers in the world working in the programming field, everyone is working with different languages and platforms.

In this article, I have categorized them in some types, Obviously in a fun way.

And among them, we don’t have our high school teacher who taught…

It's not only you who thought of quitting programming

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Programming is not like some ordinary skill that is so easy to learn, and if you are not interested anymore, you quit and grab another hobby. Yet the rate of quitting programming isn’t too low.

A young generation is coming into the programming field, and this number is increasing day…

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